Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Of Parties and Babies

Parties and babies? Hmmm...i am sort of still uncertain if they go together well. But I know I love 'em both, separately. Or together (?) Oh well, why not?

I just recently attended a super kaduper grand birthday party of a baby girl who turned 1 year old at the Manila Ballroom of Makati Shangrila. When I say grand, i mean the works!

Let the pictures speak for me!

Elaborate stage design

Heartfelt audio visual presentations

A separate room where kids can stay to play games or watch cartoons in the big screen


Magic show

Lots and lots of prizes, loot bags and freebies

Ooops note: My fashion eye noticed the latest craze for the little fashionistas - "Ballerina skirts"

I am sure you have attended one or two parties like such.  As part of the benefits of my job, :D I've attended quite a handful. Mostly when I was still in Davao. They throw really extravagant kiddie parties there. As in seriously! And I've undoubtedly enjoyed all of them.

But I just feel that these parties are really more for the parents than the babies. Probably a party they never had or just an expensive expression of how proud they are of their bundle of joy. Either ways, everybody is "happy" and I guess that's not bad at all.

My neices Jersey (4 yrs. old) and Sydney (2 yrs. old) both had lavish birthday celebrations before. I sincerely felt they were too young to appreciate such parties and I'm sure they hardly remember anything! ...except when they see the pictures.

 Buffet table

 Sumptuous cake

                                            The purple princesses

Apparently, whenever they look at  the pictures from their parties, they light up. Just knowing that they wore beautiful purple gowns with matching tiaras is enough to boost their self esteem and give them a happy disposition. (Must be worth it after all!)

Then again, they also learn to appreciate beautiful things that are often costly. So I think it is always best to create a balance by teaching them how to "spend and share wisely". Even children who are well off must learn that people can not always get what they want. I know these may seem big issues for little ones but it is really best to start early.

Okay, I'll say "yes"  to parties and babies but in moderation and keeping in mind "the balance".

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