Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Of Parties and Babies

Parties and babies? Hmmm...i am sort of still uncertain if they go together well. But I know I love 'em both, separately. Or together (?) Oh well, why not?

I just recently attended a super kaduper grand birthday party of a baby girl who turned 1 year old at the Manila Ballroom of Makati Shangrila. When I say grand, i mean the works!

Let the pictures speak for me!

Elaborate stage design

Heartfelt audio visual presentations

A separate room where kids can stay to play games or watch cartoons in the big screen


Magic show

Lots and lots of prizes, loot bags and freebies

Ooops note: My fashion eye noticed the latest craze for the little fashionistas - "Ballerina skirts"

I am sure you have attended one or two parties like such.  As part of the benefits of my job, :D I've attended quite a handful. Mostly when I was still in Davao. They throw really extravagant kiddie parties there. As in seriously! And I've undoubtedly enjoyed all of them.

But I just feel that these parties are really more for the parents than the babies. Probably a party they never had or just an expensive expression of how proud they are of their bundle of joy. Either ways, everybody is "happy" and I guess that's not bad at all.

My neices Jersey (4 yrs. old) and Sydney (2 yrs. old) both had lavish birthday celebrations before. I sincerely felt they were too young to appreciate such parties and I'm sure they hardly remember anything! ...except when they see the pictures.

 Buffet table

 Sumptuous cake

                                            The purple princesses

Apparently, whenever they look at  the pictures from their parties, they light up. Just knowing that they wore beautiful purple gowns with matching tiaras is enough to boost their self esteem and give them a happy disposition. (Must be worth it after all!)

Then again, they also learn to appreciate beautiful things that are often costly. So I think it is always best to create a balance by teaching them how to "spend and share wisely". Even children who are well off must learn that people can not always get what they want. I know these may seem big issues for little ones but it is really best to start early.

Okay, I'll say "yes"  to parties and babies but in moderation and keeping in mind "the balance".

Thursday, April 8, 2010


Late post, I admit. But I hope the pictures make up for it. :D

They say Easter deserves the same fuss we give Christmas. So why not make "egg hunting" a fun family affair. You'd be surprised at how it could be an atypical but truly enjoyable family bonding.

More villages and malls are celebrating Easter in a grand way. Bunnies, baskets and gazillion eggs besiege the event like that of the one I attended at Ayala Alabang Country Club.

I was part of the Cambridge Alabang Team who sponsored the Arts and Crafts Session. We put our crafty hands into good use and kept the children busy making bunny masks and Easter eggs. It was really an eye candy for me to see "dads" assisting their kids in doing crafts. (Super pogi points to all the dads out there!)

Relish the following photos and hope that these inspire you to plan a thrilling EASTERRIFIC event for your family next year!


             Ready for the egg hunting!



                                            Encouraging "creativity"

Notice the cool dad giving it his best shot at crafts :D

                    A separate event at The Podium

One happy childhood memory added

(why not add one to your child?)

Thursday, April 1, 2010


I promise no drama.

My desire to be a mother is rooted from my innate enthrallment with kids. I loved being a kid. I enjoy being around kids. I married a kid. Yes, a tad bit younger than I am but I was really referring to his childlike qualities. (Giggles!)

Being a child is simply magical. I so envy them. Their limited minds are their shield from the realities of what being an adult is all about. An apple is really just an apple to them. But lacking as they are, they still see countless possibilities because they are free from expectations. A dinosaur can sing and could be purple and friendly – and they would believe that unconditionally.

That is the very reason why I shifted into preschool teaching and it was the best decision I have ever made in my career.

Again, all because of my immense delight with children.

So I guess it is needless to say that I wanted to be a mother ever since I can remember and I thought it would happen to me naturally. When we were still young, my brother and sisters even predicted that I would end up with so many children, at least more than I can handle. - and I am sure they weren’t thinking of me being a preschool teacher back then. But fast forward to now…my eldest sister has 2 sons and my youngest sister has 2 daughters and almost all of my married girl friends have their own kids now. It just happened to them naturally. (And my sisters? They do not even love kids! Not at all!)

I therefore conclude that innate mother instincts do not guarantee you will have children.

But how come I feel like I am destined to be a mother?

Inside me there is a thriving feeling that more than being a daughter, sister, friend and wife…being a mother is the best role I can ever play.

Okay, no drama.

I am way passed being sad over this “when are you going to have a baby” thing. After almost 5 years of being married, it doesn’t really affect me anymore. I have long accepted the fact that this is beyond our control.

But yes, I still want to be a mother. I want my own baby – twins if possible (1 boy and 1 girl). I want the whole nine months thing and the pain of giving birth. I want a birthday party that I celebrated in my mind over and over. I want to sing Mr. Sun to my baby and be able to do with him/her what I do with my students and nephews and nieces.

I WANT TO BE A MOTHER to my own child. The rest is up to God.

The truth is, I am happily married to a man who thinks that I can be enough to him, that we can grow old together just the two of us and it would be okay. For that alone, I am tremendously grateful. I would choose what I have now than to have kids in a troubled marriage.

Maybe I am just not seeing the bigger picture. God has His reasons why and I dare not question his will.