Thursday, April 8, 2010


Late post, I admit. But I hope the pictures make up for it. :D

They say Easter deserves the same fuss we give Christmas. So why not make "egg hunting" a fun family affair. You'd be surprised at how it could be an atypical but truly enjoyable family bonding.

More villages and malls are celebrating Easter in a grand way. Bunnies, baskets and gazillion eggs besiege the event like that of the one I attended at Ayala Alabang Country Club.

I was part of the Cambridge Alabang Team who sponsored the Arts and Crafts Session. We put our crafty hands into good use and kept the children busy making bunny masks and Easter eggs. It was really an eye candy for me to see "dads" assisting their kids in doing crafts. (Super pogi points to all the dads out there!)

Relish the following photos and hope that these inspire you to plan a thrilling EASTERRIFIC event for your family next year!


             Ready for the egg hunting!



                                            Encouraging "creativity"

Notice the cool dad giving it his best shot at crafts :D

                    A separate event at The Podium

One happy childhood memory added

(why not add one to your child?)

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