Saturday, May 22, 2010


My niece Jersey fondly calls me "Ashti" (our pauso lingo for Aunt).

She's turning 5 in a few weeks (she has the same birthday with my hubby). When I asked her what gift she wants for her birthday, I was taken aback when she said "No gifts!" with conviction in her voice. (Duh?) And I was left more dumbfounded when she said "because I will give it to the street children" (Heart melts!).

I've been hearing about that plan from my sister, but hearing it from my niece like that struck me in an amazing way. She has no animosity at all about not receiving gifts and not having a fancy party. She is actually excited about the idea and couldn't wait for the day to finally come.Wow! She makes me so proud...even more than I already am.

More proud moments:

Her pictures were used in "The Picture Company" print ads

   She modeled twice for HIPP magazine


* (She also appeared in TV commercials for KFC and Anlene)

Advance Happy Birthday Jersey girl!

"You're my honey bunch sugarplum pumpy humpy-humpkin, you're my sweety pie
 You're my cuppycake, gumdrops, snickum-sprickums you're the apple of my eye
 And I love you so and I want you to know that I'll always be right here
 And I love to sing this song to you because you are so dear"

     Ashti Blue

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