Thursday, October 27, 2011


Halloween gives me an excuse to play dress up. Good thing I work in a preschool so I get to do this every October. This year, I chose to be JESSIE from Toy Story and I totally enjoyed being a southern belle for a day.

Allow me to share with you my transformation to Jessie. You really don’t have to buy an expensive costume. All you need is an inspiration and a little bit of imagination. 

I bought a cheap cowboy hat at dollar store and painted it red using a fabric paint. 

I used red yarn and I braided it just like so...

...then I attached it to the hat. To complete the look, I tied a white ribbon around the hat.

Then for the top, I put yellow accents using crepe paper and double sided tape.

For the pants, I used white felt paper and cut it the same size as the lower part of the jeans.

Then I made cow prints using black Pentel pen.

And again, taped it on to the pants.

Finally, I'm ready for trick or treating!

Here are some of the costumes I've worn in the past:

I wonder what will I be next year? Hmmm...

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