Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Happiness is BOOK SALE!

There is an inexplicable joy that BOOKS give me, and double joy when they are on SALE!

About a month ago, NBS had a BIG TIME SALE for as low as 70-80% off. And I can't believe how lucky I was with my purchases. I took advantage of the opportune moment to buy Children's books that I could add to my collection. Check out how much I saved. 

Originally priced at Php579.00 but I got it for Php50.00 only! 
Whoopi Goldberg's Big Book of Manners: Original price was Php249.00 but was reduced to Php30.00.

This book I got for Php30.00 from Php99.00.

This version of Goldilocks is putting more weight on the 3 bears point of view.  Original price: Php575.00. Sale price: Php50.00 only. 

Can you imagine? I only paid a total of Php160.00 for 4 children's books? It should have been Php1,502.00   if they were not on "sale". 

This definitely counts as one of the simple things that make me "HAPPY". 

* (Now I can practice reading these stories to my nieces so I'll know if these books are really good and effective. Maybe next time I can post reviews from my 3-year old and 6-year old nieces.) 

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