Tuesday, March 22, 2011


A big shout out to those who live in the South area near Alabang. Come and join us in our Afternoon Enrichment Program festival OPEN HOUSE this Saturday. We are located at Alabang Town Centre beside The Spa, near Supermarket. 



Cookery and Math
- A cooking class that is associated with Math. The students measure and count the ingredients according to use. It also establishes healthy eating habits aside from learning the different kinds and types of food.

Performing Arts
- Your kids will enter into the magical world of fairytales and rhymes, poems and fables through storybooks and theater plays. They will be developing the skills in the performing arts through theatrical plays, dramatization and interpretative dance.

Reading Program
- The program carefully develops literacy skills as it introduces children to the world of ideas and knowledge using NGS (National Geographic Series) with its eye-catching photographs and engaging formats that provide strong text support.

Music and Movements
- ABC Music and Me is an award-winning music enrichment program for 2-6 years old.  Research shows that music improves your child’s memory, cognitive development, learning skills, and ability to express emotion.  Music makes your child a better learner, teaches self-control, improves coordination, enhances creativity, and inspires your child with a lifelong appreciation of music and movement. Plus, it’s fun!

- is an overall physical sport. It is a sport for the whole physical system where all the muscles and joints of the human body are moved. It develops the muscles and stimulates the brains, thus, developing the will to action. Everyone regardless of age and sex for health and physical fitness can practice taekwondo. For the young, Taekwondo provides a venue for the direction of their boundless energies toward self-deployment. It also naturally appeals to the adventurous nature of youth and provides competitive spirit.

Math Manipulatives

JELIC Brain Power Engine is a comprehensive curriculum of hands-on exercises for mental development especially designed for 3 to 6 years old.  Beside the knowledge development, it also motivates children’s thinking and creative abilities through manipulative experience.  Judgement, Emotional, Logic, Intelligence, and Creative Quotient and operation skills are cultivated through the learning and working process. Math can be fun and can really be easy to learn. Children will have the opportunity to learn the basic concepts of Mathematics in a fun way.

KINDER MUSIK (for babies)
- is for newborn to 1½ years of age. It incorporates the most current research on early childhood development and provides families a special place for learning and connecting with other parents and babies through music and movement. High quality, professionally created class and At Home materials include Kindermusik Foundations of Learning, insights based on current research that educate parents about their babies' unique development.

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