Sunday, June 27, 2010


Fashion is so diverse it encompasses all ages. At present, the business of baby clothing line is booming as more and more mothers are extending their fashion sense to their little ones.

My favorite toy of all times would have to be "Paper dolls". I would never grow tired of playing dress up. That's why I am addicted to where I could play dress up with real models and real designer clothes. But since I've created this blog specifically to write about children and their world, I am going to explore on the latest trend for the little fashionistas.

Check out these eye-catching shoes which I saw at Rustan's. I couldn't believe they're actually for babies. They are absolutely adorable (I wanna wear them!) but I just can't imagine babies wearing heels.

Hilarious? I think so too!...but in a fashionable way.

How about toddlers wearing shiny shimmering leggings?

So cute I agree but I wonder if it's comfy for them?

But this ensemble I have to say, I am crazy about! I can see my baby (if I have one) sporting this juicy outfit.

Of course, let us not forget about the little men too. Uber cute baby lacoste sneakers! Why not?

And I am so loving this tie design!

But my favorite little fashionista would have to be ...SURI CRUISE! She is always so put together and her wardrobe--->to die for!

I guess it wouldn't hurt if kids would be exposed to fashion early on. I am all for developing good taste and appreciating beauty in all its' grandeur.

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  1. Oooo yes, I agree. Expose the kids early on... sans the heels....